Spotify Wraps Up Listeners’ Favorite Songs and Artists

Spotify Wraps Up Listeners’ Favorite Songs and Artists

Around this time of year, many music streaming services give their customers a wrap on who and what they listened to. One of the most popular music streaming services is Spotify. They like to give their listeners what they call, Spotify Wrapped, when they compile what their listeners listened to throughout the entire year and wrap it into a short montage. 

There are many different genres of music, and everyone has their own likings. One of the most popular genres, rap, has many sub genres that also appeal to many listeners. “I listened to emo rap because I prefer the sounds and the rappers in the genre,” junior Oliver Kaminski said. 

When Spotify gives you your wrap on who and what you listened to this year, there are going to be some things that you know you listened to. There are also some things that might shock you, such as what artists you listened to or some songs you listened to. “I was surprised that XXX Tentacion was there. I don’t really remember listening to him at all this past year,” Kaminski said. 

There are many mainstream artists in the music industry, and everyone has their own set of artists that they appeal to . Spotify will give you your top 5 artists and songs that you listened to throughout the year. “My top 5 artists were Brent Faiyaz, J.Cole, Comethazine, $uicideboy$, and Trippie Redd. I wasn’t surprised by this list because I found myself listening to these people pretty often,” junior Chris Carol said.

Although there are many music streaming services, Spotify tends to be the most popular of them all. There are many features that make it easy and efficient to use. “I enjoy using the spotify app because it’s really simple and they have good plans for Spotify Premium,” junior Ben Sauvageau said. 

I like to use Spotify because they have the largest variety of music compared to any other streaming services like Apple Music. In my opinion, they also have the best plans for both normal listeners and students,” junior Danny Simmons said. 

This article originally appeared in The Pioneer Outlook