A taste for terror: Top true crime podcasts

A taste for terror: Top true crime podcasts

When it comes to entertainment, there are a wide variety of genres, ranging from comedy to romance to fantasy. However, one of the most well known and well liked genres of media is none other than thriller. Thrillers are filled with dark, suspenseful and plot-driven stories. They are sure to keep a person engaged and on the edge of their seat with every twist and turn. It is safe to say that true crime ultimately dominates this genre. While true crime movies and tv shows are good, many don’t realize that podcasts can be just as engaging.  For those that think simply listening to something is boring, these four true crime podcasts are sure to change your mind. 

Scotland Yard Confidential:

Parcast’s “Scotland Yard Confidential” is hosted by John Hopkins and is the perfect listen, making you feel fully encapsulated within the story.  Scotland Yard is the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police in Britain giving it the perfect premise for true crime media. Having good detectives with the right mind has been a strong suit of Scotland Yard, aiding in finding many of London’s most notorious criminals. This podcast covers some of London and history’s most impressive detectives. As you listen to each episode, the host will create a vision. You’ll feel as if you are in the detective’s shoes, trying to solve impossible cases ranging from robbery and heists to kidnapping and murders. 

Rotten Mango: 

“Rotten Mango” has such a perfect name for what it does. Hosted by Stephanie Soo and Ramble, they do a fantastic job at storytelling scary and spooky true crime cases to their listeners. They never leave a single detail out, which can be gruesome at times depending on the severity of the case. Filled with scandalous crime stories that dig deep into the psychology of killers, this podcast never gets boring and every story will never fail to elicit shock and surprise. 

Serial Killers:

This podcast from Parcast is a Spotify Original hosted by Greg Polcyn and Vanessa Richardson. It dives deep into the psychology and the minds of sadistic serial killers. Creepy and interesting, this podcast walks through the events of a crime, scrutinizing the minds of notorious and insane serial killers. They analyze their methods of madness to try and decipher their profiles. Filled with complexity and abnormal stories, these hosts do a great job at getting listeners fully engaged. 

Crime Junkie: 

Crime Junkie is a more famous true crime podcast that rose to popularity in recent years. Its host, Ashley Flowers, is not only a podcaster, but also a writer and the founder of a non-profit organization. Still, her most famous work continues to be “Crime Junkie”. Flowers digs deep into stories regarding both solved and unsolved murder cases. She covers mysteries about missing people, infamous serial killers and wanted fugitives. Every Monday, Flowers uploads new episodes with new crime cases in an edgy yet straightforward manner. She also tells stories in an informative way so that listeners can learn about criminal cases and the world of crime general. 

If you are trying to get into more interesting and captivating podcasts, these four are my top recommendations. Not only do they make you feel on edge, but they also provide a lot of new information in regards to crime that you may not have known before, so be sure to give them a listen!

This article originally appeared in The Green Hope Falcon.

Photo credit: Stefano Pollio