About The AHT

As publishers of a large global education rating platform, we occasionally check in on school newspapers. In reading them, we found a lot of articles written by students that cover topics beyond their own school walls. We thought, wouldn’t it be great if those articles could find a wider audience?

With our large global base of student-users, we wanted to create a platform for student readers and writers to find one another, so in August 2020 we launched The Academy Herald Tribune.

We source articles both by students submitting their writing, and by combing the many school papers available on the internet.

When we source articles from existing school papers we do our best to contact the author(s) to seek permission.  Unfortunately, many papers do not provide an editorial contact address.  In those cases we always provide the byline to the author and link back to the original source.  In most cases the students appreciate the greater reach and publication credit, but should an author not wish to have their work published, we honor all takedown requests made via our contact page.

If you have had an article published in your school paper and would like to submit it for re-publication, we encourage you to do so. If it was good enough for your school paper, it can likely be published in the Academy Herald Tribune. Click here to submit an article.

Thanks for your support, and happy reading.