News brief: Mathcounts state competition

News brief: Mathcounts state competition

Three, two, one, go! Eighth grader Melissa Krainer will be traveling to Harrisburg, Pa. to compete in the state Mathcounts competition Saturday, March 19! 

Krainer placed third out of 33 competitors in the chapter competition three weeks ago. 

Mathcounts is for sixth, seventh and eighth graders interested in math. It is not for the faint of heart however. Mathcounts challenges members with harder problems and practice than they have even at the high school levels.

Math is not everyone’s strong suit, but no one can deny just how important it is.

“I just have a lot of fun with working out the problems, but most importantly math describes how the world works and helps you understand certain things,” Krainer said. “It fascinates me.”

This article originally appeared in The Livewire.