Skateboarding increases in popularity

Skateboarding increases in popularity

Skateboarding, a relatively new sport invented in the 1940s, made a comeback throughout the spring months with students riding them to and from school. This sport has become mainstream throughout the last few decades, and it made a boom in 2021. Kids picked up their skateboards and rolled to school. The incredible feeling of this sport, according to many people, contributes to the fact that its popularity flourished.

“I’ve played a lot of skating video games, so I’ve always wanted to try this,” said Cara Bolvin, an eighth-grader, who has been skating for a month. “It’s fun to go places on my board.”

There are many different types of skateboards. Longboard skateboards, cruiser skateboards, Mini cruiser skateboards and carve skateboards. Most people use the double-kick popsicle skateboard. This skateboard most likely comes to mind when you think of a skateboard.

Skateboarders are not limited to just a few tricks either. You may think of tricks like kickflips or 900 and 1260 degree flips, the latter of which are air flips done at the end of the ramp that the skateboarder is using. However, there are other tricks that skateboarders perform quite often. These include, but are not limited to: ollie impossibles, grinds, hardflips and diamond flips.

“Don’t do 60 on a longboard,” said Nicholas Thompson, an eighth grader, who has used a longboard for about two years. A 60 is a type of trick that people on longboards, for example, can do.

The website has a much more detailed list of tricks used by skateboarders. I would recommend checking out this list if you are interested in looking at things related to what I just discussed.

“My dad had skateboarded when he was a kid, and during summer vacation he asked me if I wanted a skateboard. I said yes, and he taught me how to ride it,” said eighth grader, Justin Bossler, who has skateboarded for two years. “Skateboarding is a fun way to get out and enjoy some fresh air.”

“If you want to try skating, do it; it’s so much fun. It’s better than walking around everywhere. I used to walk everywhere and take my bike places, but I had to haul it out. So, honestly, having your board is so much better just to go places,” said Bolvin.

This article originally appeared in The Livewire.

Photo credit: Dominic Danastasio