Movies You Should Watch: Action Movies

Movies You Should Watch: Action Movies

The movies that I am going to suggest in this article all fall under Action. 

1. “Die Hard”

You should watch Die hard because it’s good – if that wasn’t clear – and it’s realistic. The storyline in this film is well done and incorporates lots of meaningful fights for our protagonist. Basically, in this movie we are not getting that Fast & Furious stuff where humans are all superman. The second reason you should watch this film is because it gets intense. There is never a moment where you are not stressed or having a blast. There are some curse words but at this point who hasn’t heard them a million times before.  

 2. “Predator” 

If you like dramatic, suspenseful, and eerie stuff then you’re going to love “Predator”. This story set in South America will leave you thinking you’re being hunted. This film has the right amount of character development and Sci-fi elements. The sci-fi elements are not going to be crazy or something like 5th dimensional, but they are simple and cool. The deaths in this film are also really creative and cool. Watch the hunters become the hunted.

3. “Rango”

This is a western film with a twist. It’s with animals! It is an animation and takes the genre into a whole new meaning. This film has a mix of action, comedy and mystery. The film stars Johnny Depp as the protagonist Rango. 

4. “Planet of the Apes” Tim Burton

This is a different rendition of “The Planet of the Apes” by Tim Burton based on the book. This film is mind twisting and interesting. The music is astonishing and works well with the setting and action scenes. The special effects aren’t bad for a pretty old film, and the prosthetics are really good. It kind of reminds you of the original prosthetics in the 1968 film. 

5. “Mad Max: Fury Road”

If you like survival of the fittest in a collapsed society, then this film is for you! This film is about the protagonist Mad Max and one of his adventures. The cars and the villains are crazy. I would bet $100 these guys are crazier than the Joker. This film is awesome and takes movie making and sets out of the box.

This article originally appeared in The Hamilton Times.