What Your Favorite Season Four ‘Stranger Things’ Character Says About You

What Your Favorite Season Four ‘Stranger Things’ Character Says About You

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month or so, you’ve surely heard about the fourth season of Netflix’s iconic show, Stranger Things. This season brought a new level of intensity, answered questions, opened new doors and introduced the world to a lineup of new characters alongside the beloved cast from former seasons. Regardless of if you binged the show the second it came out or casually tuned in, it’s likely that you have a favorite character and whoever that character is, it definitely says something about you.

Eleven: If Eleven is your favorite character, I can’t blame you. She’s an absolute powerhouse that can beat pretty much anyone but still has a huge heart and that’s one of the reasons she’s your favorite. You love how she’s able to stand up for yourself because that’s often what you do. You’re outspoken and unafraid of saying what’s on your mind, it makes you a great leader but you often run into conflict. You also despise Dr. Brenner don’t you?

Mike: There’s so much yet so little to unpack here if Mike is your favorite character. You likely do believe that he is ‘the heart of the group’ even though at this point, he’s really only in the show to be with Eleven. You’re probably a bit nostalgic for the early seasons of Stranger Things and still have Mike as your favorite character because he hasn’t changed too much since then. He’s definitely a basic character to like, it’s likely that you casually watch the show or really just like Mileven.

Hopper: You really like the sad, gruff man-becomes-dad trope that has been taking the media by storm. Obviously, there’s more to Hopper than him just being Eleven’s adopted father but it’s still the main reason why he’s your favorite. On the outside, you usually like to appear as strong but inside, you’re really just a big softie. You like being independent but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need anyone, sometimes it means that you need them even more. Regardless, you always have a big heart and are more than willing to help when duty calls.

Joyce: You’re the mom friend aren’t you? Always the one making plans, always has a snack on hand and never goes anywhere without a medical kit, sounds pretty familiar? You probably yell at other characters when they do something stupid and have to calm yourself down after the end of every episode. You love people a lot but you love very aggressively, not to mention that your loyalty never wavers. It’s also infuriating for you to not be believed much like Joyce in the first season but to be fair, you’re usually right.

Will: Are you okay? There’s nothing wrong with having Will be your favorite character but after everything he’s been through, you must be as emotionally drained as he is. You’re likely the one in your group that always listens and cares the most but people often don’t realize you need that type of support sometimes too. Being the caretaker/therapist friend can be difficult but that doesn’t mean you’ll stop trying to help people. It’s hard for you to see a character go through so much like Will and not want to give him all your love.

Jonathan: You confuse me if Jonathan is your favorite character. This isn’t to say that he’s not an interesting character but out of the entire cast, you picked the one that’s been pushed to the side nearly as much as Barb. Like Jonathan, you find yourself always being the one there. You’re consistent, caring and sometimes stressed but at the end of the day, you push through for the ones you care about. That’s definitely not always appreciated but that doesn’t bother you all that much.

Nancy: You like things simple and neat but still love the thrill of adventure. Like Nancy, you’re ambitious but you still wanna succeed by following the rules. Although she’s much more prone to taking her own path now, part of you might still stick to the system. It’s hard not to love her Nancy Drew-like character especially if you enjoy hunting mysteries yourself.

Steve: If Steve is your favorite character, it’s likely because you were swept up by his redemption arc and couldn’t help but love his witty humor and protective nature. All this being said, you’re kind of basic. That’s not a bad thing, Steve’s just an easy character to love. You’re more lighthearted and enjoy stories with good endings, you don’t really enjoy gore and probably started watching Stranger Things because everyone else was. But it doesn’t make you any less of a fan just because you love the babysitter.

Robin: Yet another lovable goofball in this cast and one that helps bring humor to the show all while having a heartfelt coming-out storyline. If Robin is your favorite character, it’s likely because you’re either craving good representation in the media or you love her wacky sense of humor. You love being positive and always look for the silver lining in any situation. Although your nerves can get to you sometimes, you manage to push through with a smile no matter what.

Dustin: It’s hard not to love the caring yet snarky personality of Dustin. If he’s your favorite character, it’s likely that you find yourself relating to him the most. You find inspiration in his persistence and determination, but you also are probably a bit of a know-it-all. I know it’s hard to be quiet when you know what’s the right answer but it’s okay to step back and listen for once. Your intentions lie in the right place, it can sometimes be hard to see behind your sarcasm but you still care.

Eddie: To be fair, who’s favorite character isn’t Eddie? This lovable oddball charmed audiences within just an episode or so and it’s easy to see why. Like Eddie, you find yourself on the outskirts of what could be considered ‘normal’ but that’s never bothered you. You like being considered ‘weird’ and even look up to how Eddie owns who he is throughout the season. You just like being yourself, no getting around it.

Max: I apologize if Max is your favorite character. Season four must’ve done a number on you and you have my sympathy. All that being said, Max is hands-down one of the best characters out of the entire cast but she doesn’t always get the appreciation she deserves, quite like yourself. You’re just seen as someone who’s there, and some people don’t often spend the time trying to see the real you. It’s likely that you care a lot for others but try to hide it, not wanting to show your softer side. Life can be hard but keep running up that hill.

Lucas: You gotta love someone who’s straight up with you but also cares a lot, and that person is Lucas. If he’s your favorite character, it’s probably because you relate to him the most. You can come off as abrasive or harsh but it isn’t your intention to be hurtful. At the end of the day, you have a big heart, some people just struggle to see that behind your brutal honesty.

Jason: I’m surprised you’d even remember his name but this guy? If Jason is your favorite, I recommend you take a relaxing vacation to fully pull your life back together. His only redeeming quality, and this is a stretch, is that he can ‘inspire’ people but that’s not exactly a good thing. Overall, this character probably shouldn’t be anyone’s favorite but if he’s yours, please take some time for yourself.

This article originally appeared in The Horizon