Jackass Forever Streaming Now

Jackass Forever Streaming Now

After 12 years the Jackass franchise has made a comeback in the movie industry. After getting great reviews from multiple sources, director Jeff Tremaine finishes another successful Jackass Film called Jackass Forever.

Many students have seen this movie in theaters and really liked it. “I really enjoyed the movie and thought this one was the best out of all of them. I really liked the new characters too,” sophomore Noah Dineen said.

This Jackass movie consists of much of the same cast: Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Jason Acuna, and many others, with the exception of Ryan Dunn who passed away due to a car crash in 2011. 

Many big Jackass fans, such as sophomore John Pankowski, did not know that he passed because they were too young when it happened. ”Ryan Dunn was my favorite person in the movies and it’s too bad that he couldn’t be in this new one,” he said.

Besides the regulars, the movie had guest stars such as Machine Gun Kelly and Tyler the Creator. These stars were a part of some very laughable and dangerous stunts. “I really enjoyed the part when Tyler the Creator played the piano and it zapped all of the Jackass guys, then at the end Knoxville zapped Tyler the Creator,” sophomore Alexander Klaus said.

Many feel that this movie is more disturbing than the other Jackass movies. Steve-O had to get hospitalized after he landed on his neck during a treadmill accident. Also, Knoxville broke his wrist, broke his rib, and had a serious concussion after getting hit by a bull in the new movie. “When I watched this movie in theaters I was actually disturbed. It was very graphic and the stunts were insane compared to the other ones,” Pankowski said.

The Jackass trilogy may come to an end due to Knoxville retiring from stunt life. Many Knoxville fans are very upset with this and feel that this could maybe change the Jackass movies forever. “When I heard that Johnny Knoxville is going to quit Jackass, I was pretty sad. I think Jackass movies will not be the same because we will miss the famous ‘Hi I’m Johnny Knoxville and welcome to Jackass,’ line,” Klaus said.

This article originally appeared in The Pioneer Outlook.