Let Players Play: Stop the “Game Wars”

Let Players Play: Stop the “Game Wars”

You may know the game, “Roblox,” But have you also heard of “Minecraft?” If you have, you should know all of the fighting that has been going on between the two games. I have paid attention, and it’s pretty weird when you play both, like me.

Some people who like Roblox say that Minecraft copied Roblox, but it didn’t. They are not similar AT ALL. Roblox is a game with multiple other games in it, while Minecraft is a building game. Yes, Roblox may have Minecraft copies in it, but other than that, they are two different games.

There is also a game that was very popular last year when it got its most popular update. The game is “Fortnite,” which many people in the community make just toxic. The Fortnite community basically created “game wars,” which is pretty dumb, in my opinion.

It’s pretty weird when you play both Roblox and Minecraft, like me.

I understand that the Fortnite community has an opinion, just like everybody else, but they are using that opinion and trying to make it a fact. Not every person in the community is like this, but many are and it’s sad. I hope that if you’re one of the toxic Fortnite players, you learn to grow up and let people have opinions. Thank you for reading this.

This article originally appeared in The East Rock Record