7 Tips to Date an Exchange Student

7 Tips to Date an Exchange Student
  1. Be cultured, know where the exchange student lives and its culture. (Saying Europe doesn’t count). Also if you know the flag of his/her country, or just don’t say the wrong one.
  2.  Be adventurous. The exchange student is only going to be here for a year and wants to have fun, don’t just sit in your pajamas watching movies. 
  3.  Try to know the basic words in his/her language. In case the exchange student you are dating is Spanish, the song “Despacito” does NOT  count. (Please, coming from an exchange student from Spain don’t even mention that song, it’s been too used)
  4.  If it’s the first date don’t take him/her to eat at McDonalds. Nor fast food restaurants. You want the exchange student to have a good experience, not to be traumatized.
  5.  Be the king or queen prom/football player or cheerleader/popular person. As exchange students, we feel students are so cliché and like the typical American romance story.
  6.  Don’t speak about politics, this is probably a general rule but we don’t want to talk about this either, nor from our country or United States.
  7.  Try not to ask questions everyone asks us, the dumb questions about our country like “Do you have cars in Europe” or “Do you have electricity?” (Yes, they have asked this to us)…

So there it is! 7 amazing tips to really wow that ✨special ✨person!!

This article originally appeared in Igaramkin