Top 5 Songs on Taylor Swift’s Latest Album, “evermore”

Top 5 Songs on Taylor Swift’s Latest Album, “evermore”

Taylor Swift’s follow up to folklore — say hello to evermore

From country to pop to indie, Taylor Swift has dipped her toes in many different genres throughout the years. She pleasantly surprised her fans as she returned with her distinct and captivating folk style, tributing many of her stylistic and mood concepts from the album before that, folklore.

Let’s take a look at Taylor Swift’s top songs in evermore!

5) Champagne Problems

First up is champagne problems — one of the more melancholic songs on the list. The lyrics come from a girl’s perspective turning down her lover’s marriage proposal due to unfixable problems. With guitar riffs and oom-pah pianos, this lo-fi ballad is one of Taylor Swift’s most meaningful and terrific lyrical feats.

4) Marjorie

Unless you’re a die-hard Swiftie, chances are you may not have known that marjorie is Taylor Swift’s opera-singing grandmother, Marjorie Finlay. The song uses synthesizers and strings, while also incorporating samples of Finlay’s operatic vocals. With poignant and meaningful lyrics, many critics highly praise this song as one of the best in the album.

3) Willow

The opening track of the album — willow falls under the chill folk genre built around picked acoustics and flutes. Debuted live on Taylor Swift’s YouTube channel, willow is many’s first look into this album.

2) Gold Rush

Gold Rush starts as a red-herring. With high-pitched and slow and crescendoing vocals, the song gets abruptly followed up by a head-bopping bass beat. One of the more energetic songs in Swift’s latest album – gold rush is a song full of passion and longing for the “ideal” life.

1) Evermore

A powerful piano ballad, evermore is unarguably one of the album’s best.  This song evocatively conveys a flurry of hopeful and somber undertones led by mostly Taylor herself. Aside from that, Swift joins Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) in the thrilling bridge where he sings falsetto with her in a call and response.